Thursday, November 6, 2014


It all started on April 14, 1912. I was aboard on the largest, most luxurious, man-made ship in the world. It’s the RMS Titanic! The maximum number of people on the Titanic was 3,547.But they only had 2,223 people. There were three types of classes. First class were the most riches and handsome. The next class were the merchants, teachers and other professionals. The third class were the immigrants (the ones that wanted to start a new life in America). Also the manual workers. The Titanic was headed to New York. Until, the turmoil began on 11:40pm.
 I was outside at the deck when I heard someone yell. They alerted “Iceberg ahead!” “Iceberg ahead!” I saw the captain rush to turn the ship around. But it was too late. Before they even noticed the iceberg crashed into the lower deck of the ship. The ship wiggled like jelly. I almost fell to the ground. The passengers noticed that the ship moved out of order, but they didn’t care because they thought that the ship was unsinkable. The lowest deck sent a message to the captain that said “The deck is filling with water. Help fast”. Then the captain started to close all the doors so the water wouldn’t fill the other decks. But the water couldn’t be stopped. So the captain sent a message to the nearest ships, because the ship was going to sink in less than 3 hours. The ship that responded to the captains orders was the Carpathia. But the Carpathia was going to get there in 5 hours. So, the other members of the crew started to get the lifeboats. Meanwhile the Titanic started to sink. The Titanic was supposed to carry 64 lifeboats, but they only brought 20 lifeboats. Some crew members started to bring out the first class people, to put in the lifeboats. I thought that the crew members were really dumb because on the first lifeboat they only put 28 people instead of 65 people. The crew members first put the woman’s and their children. I got on one the lifeboats. They started to lower use down to the ocean. The lifeboat was moving too much. So I had to hold on tight. There were only 28 people on my lifeboat, but the maximum number was 65 people. Suddenly, when I turned around, the people started to jump off the Titanic. The ocean temperature was -2 degrees. I’m pretty sure I would freeze to death if I was there. I even heard a gunshot. All the turmoil started. Suddenly, the Titanic ripped in half. The Titanic started to tilt to one side. Then the Titanic was in a straight line. At the same time the Titanic was sinking. People started to go to the very top of the Titanic, but some people started to slip off the bars. I could hear all the people screaming for their lives. It made me cry. It also made the other women’s cry too. The Titanic started to sink really fast.
Before I even noticed the Titanic was beneath the Atlantic Ocean. There were other lifeboats in front and back of our lifeboat. We can see another ship. It was the Carpathia. The people helped us get on their ship. While I was on the Carpathia I remember that the Titanic took 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink. The ship took us to New York. By that time, it was April 16, 1912. I went to go rest at a hotel. When I was at the hotel, I turned on the television and lied on the bed. The news about the Titanic was on. It reported that more than 1,500 people lost their live.  Also, that 31.6 is the total percentage of people that survived. But I couldn’t support all the tragedy that happened on April 15, 1912. So I turned off the television and went to sleep.

                                                                       The End