Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kbar 29: The Real Meaning

The Real Meaning
Roald Dahl wrote many famous books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, Esio Trot, Going Solo, Boy: Tales of a Childhood, etc. I have read almost all of them except Going Solo and Tales of a Childhood. I love his books so much because he makes us want to read it over and over again. He puts a lot of description into the book that makes us feel that we are in the story. Many of these stories have a meaning. For example,  Roald Dahl wrote this book, Going Solo, when he went to the trip to Africa. Another book is the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl wrote this book because he loved chocolate and when he was little he wanted to make a chocolate factory. Dahl loved chocolate so much that he even tried to steal it from a store. Roald Dahl's many stories is great for kids to enjoy reading and to make reading fun.  

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kbar 28: A Writer in You

A Writer in You

When Dahl was getting better he got interviewed by the journalist working in the Saturday Evening Post. I would be so nervous about an interview because I would have to practice a lot and I wouldn't know what type of questions he would ask me. They became friends and instead of the interview they starting having a conversation between themself. So Dahl decided to jot down some information, but instead he wrote a mini story of the plane crash. I would have probably not reminded him of the interview and I would be kind of glad that we missed it because I would have got more practice at home. The interviewer was amazed at his amazing writing abilities in in his short story. I would not be able to describe the story with much detail because I am not very good at expressing myself through writing.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Kbar 27: Happiness into Injuries

Happiness into Injuries

When Dahl was still in Africa a war broke out with Germany, and so Dahl decided to serve his country and be a fighter pilot. I would never think of being involved in the war because for me it just seems that it is WAY TOO DANGEROUS. Dahl became a pilot without any experience in flying a plane. If I were him I would not have chosen to choose that position because it seems too risky. Imagine I crashed the plane where there were civilians. And this experience sort of happened to Dahl. He realized it was getting darker and that he was running out of fuel. If I was in this situation I would start thinking of how I could land because I wouldn't make it back to the original place where I had started. This was the same plan Dahl had he decided to land but on the way down he hit a boulder. This caused Dahl to hit his head, he fractured his skull, crushed his nose, injuries on his back and hip and also knocking down some of his teeth. If this were to happen to me I would be very scared to go on a plane ever again because I wouldn't want that to happen again. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kbar 26: "Flying Solo"

Roald Dahl instead of thinking to go to college he was thinking of a work that offered to travel around the world. I would probably be thinking this over because I think that education is a key thing to life. For example, if Dahl went to this job he would have probably not be able to have a lot of information on a favorite subject which was English . But if Dahl went to college he would earn enough money to travel where ever he wants. So Dahl chose to get the job and he worked at The Shell Oil Company. He traveled from London to Africa there he learned a good amount of African wildlife. I would love to go to Africa because I would like to see the wildlife there is. I think that it is really cool to learn a different language or a different culture.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kbar 25: Changing

Roald Dahl first attended at Cathedral School. But then moved over to another school because he had done something wrong and he had gotten severe punishment at school. If I as in this situation I would be greatly terrified because I wouldn't want to get another punishment. I would also be quite nervous about the idea that I as going to change schools because I was going to meet new people and everything would be new and different. Roald Dahl next attended to St. Peter's school which was a private school for boys, but this time he had to leave his family and go alone. He then sent letters to his mother once a week. I would probably be really sad and homesick because this would be my first time being alone for a whole year. After this he moved again. For me this would be a really overwhelming schedule because he changed schools three times.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Human Agency

Human Agency

I think that human agency is what shapes your life a little more than our forces beyond our control. I think this because Your attitude comes from you and what you are feeling towards a person or object. For example, if you attitude is hate towards the world, the world will think that you are mean and then the world will see you as a person with hate in your life. Also your choices are what determine us. For example you can choose a choice that benefits you or a choice that can hurt your future.  

Friday, April 22, 2016

Kbar 24: Life is Good

Life is Good
 After Roald Dahl's dad died his mother moved back to where Roald Dahl was born, which is Llandaff, with her six children. I would be very overwhelmed with all the kids we would have in the house because there would be a lot of yelling in the house. Roald Dahl's sisters knew the strong love connection Dahl had with his mother. For me it is very happy to see families together but unfortunately there are some families that separate and never reunite. His mother didn't want them to forget that they have a Norwegian heritage, so she talked to her kids in their native language. My mom also wants to keep the mexican heritage so we talk in spanish and eat and make mexican food. They also went to visit their grandparents during the summer vacation. The kids had ice cream treats and other Norwegian food. His grandparents also took him places like the island of Tjome which Dahl referred to them as "the magical island". Roald Dahl wrote all these memories in hi published book Boy.